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Frequently Asked Questions

Who dyes your products?

All products are hand-dyed by the False Holly team, using the highest standards of water conservation and preservation.

How are your yarns created?

Our primary focus is on producing fashion utilizing the finest merino wool, often blending with locally-raised alpaca, hand-raised Angora, fine silk, and plant-based fibres. Many products feature our signature thick and thin handspun yarn, which is created by hand in a bespoke process in Edmonton, Alberta.

Who owns False Holly designs?

Holly Messenger Aamot is the designer and textile artist behind all of the False Holly designs and product lines.

How do I care for my products?

Check the literature and labelling that came with your product. Each product listing has a PDF download available for quick reference on product care.

Where is your studio located?

False Holly began, and continues to operate, in the city of Edmonton, at the heart of the Canadian province of Alberta. Our cooperative vendors and partners hail from various parts of North America.

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