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Baby Fairy Slippers Crochet Pattern

By April 9, 2018Blog

If you’re like me, instant gratification is pretty high on the list when I’m choosing a project to make. Especially when it comes to baby things.

I designed these sweet little booties/slippers with my own baby bump in mind. I want her to have a totally couture wardrobe to wear home from the hospital, and since she’s due to be a summer baby, she will need the lightweight comfort of cotton.

One of the best parts about them, like most of my patterns, is how simple they are to make! You literally need next-to-no crochet skills. They’re crocheted flat, folded and seamed.

if you’re concerned about sizing, you’ll want to make sure your foundation chain is about 4.5-5 inches long, and your finished length should be about 3.5 inches.

i use a single chain to begin each row, and I stitch into this chain at the end of the next row. This yields an edge with very little give, which, hopefully, will help keep the slippers on baby’s feet.

Let’s get started.

Here’s what you’ll need:

3.5 mm crochet hook
1/4 skein of Lustrous Cotton DK weight Pima cotton yarn
measuring tape (optional)
scissors and tapestry needle for finishing

First, chain 18.

Row 1: skip first chain from hook, HDC in each chain.

Row 2-11: Chain 1, turn, HDC in each stitch, including the chain 1 from the previous row. (17 stitches)

Now fold in half, bringing the beginning and end of your final row together. Turn to slip stitch through the touching loops of your stitches to create the heel seam.

Fasten off, weave in your end, and turn the seam to the inside of the heel. Your slipper should now look like this:

For the left foot slipper, fold the left side down, right in the middle, like this:

Then fold the right side over at an angle, and use spare yarn to sew the flaps together.

I start by securing the inside flap at the corner to the inside of the outer flap, work my way up to the corner where they meet, and work down the top of the outer flap to the toe. I find this works to keep everything in place without slipping while I work.


Snip your yarn, leaving a tail to weave in from the toe.

Repeat for the second slipper, making sure to fold the toe flaps the opposite way.

And there you have it!  I’d love to see your creations! Be sure to tag me on Instagram!


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