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Where Credit is Due

By August 26, 2016Blog

I posted on Instagram a few minutes ago about having grace, even when people promise you the world, and give you an atlas. It’s true, there’s a lot of need for grace when you’re running a nbusiness and dealing with people. Because you’re going to screw up, and they’re going to screw up. It happens.

But sometimes, magic happens, despite the screw ups. And it’s never because of just one rock star. I think that’s why there are so many impassioned thank you speeches at awards shows. Because any time magic happens, it’s something sublime; something that’s bigger than each person who participates, but yet you know that, without each of those people, the magic just wouldn’t be there.

A few weeks ago, I felt magic happening. It practically vibrated from my fingers, and even brought tears to my eyes in the midst of the work. I had a photoshoot with Jillian Schecher, a local Edmonton photographer, using three of my friends as models for my Fall 2016 collection. It was fabulous. Nickol did hair and makeup, Jillian made the light come alive, and my girlfriends stepped outside their comfort zones and played it up for the camera.

I thought it fitting that one of the models, who totally killed the dewy, fresh-faced look even while pouring sweat under piles of luxurious wool in mid-August, was my friend Noelle. She was my first customer, and was the first to encourage me to start an Etsy shop. I did so many things wrong at the beginning, and I know I’m still making mistakes. I’m one of those “accidental business owners,” who has just kind of thrown things at the wall to see what would stick. But I never would have started throwing if it hadn’t been for Noelle.

Ruth brought all the simmer and quiet poise that only a redhaired musical theatre actress can bring. She brought a touch of runway to the shoot, and made every piece she modeled come alive with a sense of fashion and timelessness.

Shea’s playful and creative personality just shines through every single picture of her. She wore the neutral tones collection, but there was nothing neutral about the poses she struck! I mean, really, how many models can make fingerless gloves look unique and amazing in Etsyland, where just about every knitwear seller has a selection of fingerless gloves? But Shea pulled it off!

I’m so excited for the official launch of the pret-a-porter Fall Collection on September 1st. If the pre-launch showing is any indication, this is the start of something very, very magical. *cue orchestral swell*


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